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This page documents multilangual information according the corona-pandemic and lists various advices from german goverments and constitutions.


1. Multilangual Information according the coronavirus from the social department of Hesse. As to this point (02.06.2020) the information here are translated into amharic, bulgarian, dari, english, french, italian, kasakh, kurmandschi, polish, rumanian, russian, somali, spanish, tigrinya, turkish and urdu:

International Information for Hesse  
(other languages may be added furtheron).


2. Daily information provided by the german government in various languages:


3. The Integreat-App also lists multilangual information for Lahn-Dill-Kreis:
(german, english, french, arabic, persian (Dari, Farsi), turkish and
(german, english, french, persian (Dari, Farsi), arabic, turkish

These information are available in the Web-version as well as in our App-version
for Android:

for iOS:     



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